Venice is Perfect for Solo Travel

Many solo female travelers shy away from a trip to Venice because it is synonymous with romance.  Who wants to be surrounded by couples kissing on the Rialto Bridge when you are by  yourself?

Venice rainYes, it can be daunting to travel to Venice by yourself, but the rewards are great, especially if you travel in the late fall or early winter seasons.  Not only will the crowds of people be gone, but the prices of hotels will be significantly lower.  And, you can simply ignore the few lovers that come in the colder months, and focus on pleasing yourself by going exactly where you want to go.

You will be free to roam the back canals of the city, soak up the history, and even get a seat on the famous canal ferries that travel up and down the city.

The city will reward you with views that will astound, and the people will be warm and gracious to you.  Without the summer crowds, they will chat about local stories and answer your questions.


I spent about ten days in Venice by myself in late 2015, and really enjoyed the quiet, even though it rained some each day.  My routine was to get on board the ferry early and simply ride it up and down the canals, getting off when I saw backstreets, restaurants, or shops that looked interesting.

top of church towerI climbed to the tower top of an old church, and took in this great view of the entire Grand Canal.  By purchasing a week-long pass on the ferry (about $50) I was able to use it to get all around the main areas, as well as to outlying islands.

I usually took in a museum in the afternoons, and then rested before going out on the ferry again at night. Check the time for sunset, and get on the ferry about thirty minutes before to catch the sky light up.  The ancient palazzos look totally different after dark, with the moonlight shining on the canals.   It can get chilly after dark so be sure to wear a coat and take a scarf to cover your ears!after dark


One evening I strolled past an old church and spotted this poster, advertising an evening musical entertainment. The performers were in period costumes within the unique setting of a beautiful and ancient church.vivaldi

The ticket was just $20 at the door, and it was a delightful two hours of beautiful music.  It’s an easy event to attend as a single since there are no assigned seats.  I got to the event early to snag a seat near the front, and ended up conversing with several other music lovers from around the world while waiting for the music to start.

I enjoyed it so much that I bought a ticket a second night to see the alternate presentation!

I stayed at the Best Western Montecarlo, just off of the main square. I had a sweet little “single” room for about $70 night, which included one of the most extensive and tasty breakfast buffets I have ever had. There was a wonderful expresso machine that allowed you to add chocolate and other flavors, so I lingered over breakfast each day.  The hotel is very walkable to major tourist sites, the ferry, and dozens of pleasant shops and restaurants.  This was the view from my room–can you ask for anything more?

view from room



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